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Team Bios.


Angela De Luca B.Sc., R.M.T.

Angela De Luca was born in Scarborough, Ontario, and has lived in the greater Toronto Area ever since. She has always had a passion for the arts and sciences and expressed her interest in arts by studying classical piano for several years. As she studied biology at the University of Western Ontario, her interest in the health field grew. She took several microbiology and biochemistry courses and graduated in 1996. Angela then pursued studies in massage therapy at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, where she graduated on the Dean's List and was awarded the Clinic Award. She now resides in Toronto where she raises her family and practices massage therapy. She aspires to learn as much as she can about massage therapy and hydrotherapy and plans to further her knowledge though taking courses in manual lymph drainage and Aromatherapy as well. Her hopes for the future include providing a safe and healthy environment for her family to learn and grow in and to conduct research in the field of massage therapy.


Anna Berger B.Sc., D.H.M.S.

Anna Berger immigrated to Canada in 1989. In 1999, she received her certification as a homeopathic practitioner and is a Professional Member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association. She currently practices at a clinic in the greater Toronto area.


Heather Caruso B.Sc., D.H.M.S., H.D.

Heather originally became interested in homeopathy when a family member fell ill. With the conventional approach, she found that there was no prevention or counselling on how to remove obstacles creating ill health. This is when she decided to seek alternative treatments for her family. She was really impressed with the time and care taken to listen. They did not just want to hear about the disease, but energy, sleep patterns, appetite, digestion, diet and lifestyle. Heather was blessed to find natural medicine. In 1996, she decided to change her career to become a homeopath. It was one of the best decisions she has made. Heather's mission is to provide clients with practical and natural methods for achieving their health goals. She respects each person's unique condition and is realistic in her expectations. Heather seeks to improve the whole body's terrain, physically and emotionally. This strengthens the person so they can ward off disease and heal safely and permanently. Heather recently published a new book called Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health which covers many common digestive ailments and their solutions. Visit Heather Caruso's website at


Cathy Kipp B.Kin., R.M.

Cathy Kipp was raised in Meaford, Ontario and has always had a strong interest in health and the human body. She studied kinesiology and psychology at McMaster University for four years and during this time gained a much deeper appreciation of nature and outdoor activities. Cathy then trained to be a midwife at Bournemouth University in England from 1997 to 2000. Her interest in natural health continued to grow as she learned about childbirth and the incredible strength of women. Her belief in the power of the mind was initiated by her sister and Midwifery Today birthing conferences and a few independent midwives taught her to trust in the birthing process. She is registered as a midwife in Canada.


Eran Even Dr. TCM, R.Ac

In 2003, Eran Even graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Shang Hai Traditional Chinese Medicine College and spent the following year interning with two local Vancouver Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) doctors. That same year, he began studying the Chinese language and also wrote and passed both the Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Practitioner Board Exams.  In 2005, he traveled to the Peoples Republic of China where he completed graduate training (completely in Chinese) at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. In Beijing, Eran trained under the tutelage of one of China’s great acupuncturists’ Dr. Yu Lan Bai an internal medicine specialist with over 40 years experience and an expert in abdominal acupuncture. In addition, Eran has received training in Chinese Medical Obstetrics and extensive training in Auricular Acupuncture. On his return from China, Eran wrote and passed the provincial Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine examination. Currently, he is a registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). He also has professional certification in Western Herbology.  Visit Dr. Even's website at


Jason Bavington B.E.S.

Jason Bavington was born and raised in North York, Ontario. He graduated from the Bachelor in Environmental Studies program at York University in 1998 with Honours cum laude and has been pursuing his strong interests in the field of healing since that time. He strongly believes in the empowerment that knowledge can bring to the individual and began to create The My Best Remedies website is based on this idea. Jason enjoys rock climbing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding, and takes great pride in his summertime gardening delights. His experiences at an Intentional Community sparked a strong interest in organic farming and other practices. Jason is currently pursuing his interests in Permaculture design strategies and hopes to establish a home, teaching centre, and organic farm based on these and other sustainable living principles.


Jennifer Glazer A.C.E. Certified, B.A., N.D.

Jennifer Glazer has always had a passion for health and well-being. She began her journey as early as eight years old where she began to competitively figure skate. She followed her passion and graduated with a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Kinesiology. Jennifer felt as though a deeper knowledge of the human body and its wondrous power was needed and studied at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has a special interest in cardiovascular disease, detoxification, women's health issues, and athletic performance. Jennifer currently practices at The Renewal Naturopathic Clinic and Dunfield club in Toronto where she blends her two expertise in order to help her patients achieve optimal health. She is the consulting naturopath for Flare and Eye for the Future maganzines and is also a personal trainer.


Magdalena Jara D.Ac., C.S.T.

Magdalena Jara graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada in Toronto in 1989. While developing a thriving shiatsu practice, she immediately set out to learn Chinese Medicine with Dr. Lam, completing the course in 1992. Always wanting more, she spent a year in China at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Shanghai. In 1994, Magdalena returned to Toronto to rebuild a healthy practice and continue to expand her modality base. In 1995, she studied Chinese Herbology and also enrolled in CranioSacral Therapy Training, where she has been assisting since 1999. As always, Magdalena has been expanding her knowledge into essential oils and flower essences applied to the emotional body.


Magela Bruno

Magela Bruno has worked in the Health Food industry in Toronto for a number of years. She enjoys rollerblading, jogging, cooking, and yoga. Magela currently resides in Uruguay.


Marika Berni B.Sc., N.D.

Marika Berni was raised in Toronto, Ontario. She attended the University of Toronto and graduated with her Bachelor of Science. Upon completion of this degree, Marika went on to study at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated in 1997 as a doctor of Naturopathic medicine. She is currently practicing at Elements, a local health food chain with several stores in the Toronto area, where she treats patients at their three clinics. While employed with Elements, she has played an integral role in the creation of their Internet web site and was also involved in the development of the company's proprietary herbal line.


Orly Aidelman

When Orly was just eighteen years old, she went to live on a Kibbutz in Israel for one year. Learning the language and performing odd jobs around the Kibbutz provided her with experiences that would signify a defining moment in her life. She went on to become a Level 1 Reiki practitioner in September 1995, which has helped her to look at life in a more peaceful, courageous, and positive way. Orly is currently taking fulltime courses in Early Childhood Education at Seneca College, where she looks forward to one day, owning and running her own childcare center.


Rachel Schwartzman B.A., N.D.

Rachel received her undergraduate degree from McMaster University in Anthropology and Indigenous studies and later became a licensed Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Additional training that Rachel received are as follows; Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, a technique designed to minimize the signs of aging; certification from Harvard University’s Body-Mind-Medicine Institute; and Doula certification. Rachel also trained directly with a midwife. Rachel utilizes nutrition, supplements, botanical medicine, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and lifestyle counseling. She treats a variety of conditions ranging from; digestive disturbances, skin complaints, allergies, arthritis, low energy, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, depressed immune systems, auto-immune conditions, cancer, cardiovascular disease, weight management and chronic health complaints. She has a special interest in women's health and thoroughly enjoys working with children. Visit Dr. Schwartzman's website at


Robert Paulikot C.N.C., M.A.Sc.

Rob Paulikot was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was raised in Toronto and presently resides there. His interests are diverse and many revolve around the field of health and nutrition. He has pursued a healthy diet and lifestyle for ten years now. Rob enjoys reading and moderate exercise, which includes swimming and biking. He is always reading and researching the latest developments in the Health Food industry. Rob enjoys studying human nutrition and plans to receive a Masters in Nutrition in 2001. He also hopes to lecture the general public on the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Rob would like to develop programs that the everyday citizen can incorporate into their busy lifestyle. He also hopes to use his knowledge of health and nutrition when travelling outside Canada.


Sarah Pfeffer

Sarah Pfeffer was born in Germany in 1975. Since an early age, she has developed an interest in photography, taking pictures during vacation and family events which has been supported by her father, a hobby photographer himself. During her school years, she enrolled in a co-operative with a local photographer, enjoying the school's photo work group. At the age of 20, Sarah left Germany to live on a Kibbutz in Israel where she stayed for one year. From there, she continued traveling throughout Europe and North America, always capturing moods and landscapes and expanding her photographic collection of our ever-changing environment.


Stuart Sommers B.E.S.

Stuart Sommers was born in Toronto, Ontario, where he currently resides. He obtained an Honours Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies at York University in 1999, while travelling to and from Vaucluse, a rural region in the South of France, during his studies. Stuart currently teaches in the Toronto area with an ultimate goal of overseeing changes to environmental curriculum in Ontario and across Canada. This includes the implementation of more "hands-on" environmental learning. Stuart is also an active hiker, cyclist, and competitive long distance runner.


Sue Britnell M.L.T., C.H.

Sue Britnell is a Chartered Herbalist and owner of Kettleby Herb Farms, located near Toronto, Canada. She was a medical technologist before her passion for herbs led her to study with the Dominion Herbal College. Sue also lectures to interested commercial and consumer groups, teaches courses and workshops, writes articles for magazines and is author of "Herbs to Grow, Know and Use".  Kettleby Herb Farms is a mail-order / internet business, providing a wealth of educational information on herbs and preparations.  For more information browse their web site at


Stacie K. Ikka, B.A.S.

Stacie K. Ikka received a Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University that she completed part-time, along side her professional endeavours. After several years dabbling in various Marketing and Sales careers in the Manufacturing, Modelling and Talent, and Education industries, Stacie found her calling in Executive Recruitment. She has been enjoying this career path for almost four years now and considers herself fortunate to meet such colourful and skilled people on a daily basis. Stacie also tries to squeeze as much volunteer work as possible into her schedule. In the past, she has co-chaired the Kids Help Phone annual Bowlathon and is currently the List Manager for the Career Special Interest Group for DigitalEve, Toronto Chapter, formerly known as Webgrrls. While her future plans always remain ambitious (if currently undecided), Stacie only involves herself in undertakings that challenge and allow her to be passionate about what she is doing.


Sylvi Martin, BScN, RN, ND (cand.).

Sylvi Martin earned Standard and Advanced certificates in Aromatherapy in 1997 from the Centre of International Holistic Studies in Hamilton as well as studying essential oil applications at Sheridan College in 1999. She has over 10 years of experience in the application of essential oils, including administering aromatherapy treatments at a private health clinic as well as a women’s esthetics clinic, teaching aromatherapy and natural cosmetic making workshops, and formulating custom blended essential oil products for the natural support of emotional and physical conditions.

Pursuing her interest in healthcare, Sylvi attended Laurentian University in Sudbury, earning a BSc in Nursing, graduating with distinction. While working towards her nursing degree, she learned a wealth of information about natural supplements and whole foods while working at a health food store. Following her university training, she moved to Toronto and began working as a Registered Nurse at St. Michael’s Hospital, where she has been practicing since 2004.

After realizing her thirst for information wasn’t quenched, she enrolled as a full-time student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is currently focusing on clinical internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic where she treats a variety of patient concerns. Sylvi encourages a balance of spiritual, emotional and physical health in the people she treats by using acupuncture, botanical medicine (including the use of aromatherapy and essential oils), clinical nutrition, homeopathy, physical therapies, and lifestyle counseling.


Tanya K. Mandel B.Sc., N.D.

Tanya was born in Canada and lived in Vancouver, British Columbia until 1997. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, where she studies at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Tanya graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1997 with a Bachelor in Science and a minor in Environmental Toxicology. She has a keen interest in Clinical Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine and hopes to practice as a Naturopathic Physician in Vancouver by 2002. She regularly gives public lectures on popular topics such as prevention and naturopathic treatment of illness through nutrition and lifestyle modification. Tanya enjoys hiking through the forests and mountains of British Columbia and is a strong advocate for environmental preservation.


Wojciech Sam Iwasiuk B.E.S.

Though raised in Eastern Europe, Sam has lived most of his life in Toronto, Ontario. Since his mid-teens, he has performed and recorded with a multitude of bands and musicians, with musical styles ranging from classical and jazz to neo-classical hard rock, industrial, and trance. Despite being a diverse musician, Sam has a significant interest in environmental issues. In 1999, he obtained an Honours Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies from York University and intends to further pursue education and employment in this field.


Yendre W. Shen B.Sc., N.D.

Yendre Shen resides in North York, Ontario with her family. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been practicing as a naturopathic doctor for 8 years and a Bowen therapist for 10yrs. Yendre is passionate and excited about her work. She uses the far infrared sauna and muscle testing in her practice and continues to be amazed and is grateful for the oppourtunities of witnessing the healing power of nature in each human being she has the privilege of treating. Yendre is a big advocate of education and has done speaking engagements for the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Toronto Hydro and Toastmasters.  She chooses her lifestyle to reflect her love and respect for nature. She enjoys the outdoors and is an avid rock climber. The recent arrival of her daughter has enhanced her excitement to incorporate pediatrics in her practice.


Zerlene Mekdeci B.Sc., N.D.

Dr. Zerlene Mekdeci is the Head Naturopathic Doctor and spokesperson for Elements, a Toronto health food store that offers a one-stop holistic approach to naturopathic services with an onsite naturopath, consultive and therapeutic facility, research and information resources and a retail space offering the highest quality naturopathic and botanical products.



   To our friends, families, children,
   and future generations, for whom
   we create the world.

                               -- The MBR Team

    To Nancy, Sol, and Eden.

                               -- Jason Bavington





Our Views and Beliefs

    Our view on health is not short-term, acute, or critical care. We believe in treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. One's health is long-term and is about being aware, maintaining, and preventing. We believe true healing involves a lifestyle change. It is about the re-establishment of the mind-body-spirit connection with ourselves, with each other, and with Earth.

    We believe in a less invasive approach than Western, Allopathic medicine. We move beyond the limitations of the linear and embrace the openness of the holistic. We believe in applying different worldviews, approaches, tools, and options. We believe in the interconnectedness of all things. We take into account the connections between the life forces of Earth and that of the people living in harmony with Earth.

Our Approach

    We encourage education based on awareness. We encourage you to listen to your body. We believe in a root cause approach based on gaining knowledge of an ailment or situation. Beyond merely treating symptoms, healing truly begins by learning why a problem exists. This leads to understanding. This leads to knowledge. And this leads to the ability to make informed decisions. This process empowers you to take control of your body.

    We choose not to isolate, categorize, segregate, or label an individual by their illness. Rather, we encourage openness and building confidence in discussing an ailment. In turn, this opens up new opportunities for dealing with that ailment through peer and social support, networking, and collaborating.

    By increasing people's confidence, we reduce the feeling of isolation and vulnerability that often accompany the knowledge of having an ailment. Learning and knowing encourages empowerment and control.

    We have learned that the processes outlined above are truly cyclical. Knowledge leads to empowerment; which leads to additional knowledge; which leads to empowerment and sharing of that knowledge with others; which empowers them, et cetera.

Our Hopes

    There is a wealth of knowledge on alternative healing that exists in communities, individuals, books, and conversation. There is a generations-old knowledge base that is both rich and diverse. Our hope is to expand that knowledge base. That which we have learned can - and should - be shared with others.

    We believe in the benefits of alternative healing and all of the information on this website. We believe the contents of this website to be truly useful, beneficial, and worth sharing. We hope we have effectively woven these qualities throughout the website.

    Our website was created as a guide. It is not designed to replace your naturopath or other health practitioner. Rather, it is to be used as a resource in collaboration with those highly knowledgeable in their field.

    Our hope is to make this website and the healing approach available to as many people as possible. We are open to adopting and facilitating new, unused, and underused means to distribute this knowledge base.

    -- The MBR Team                          

Mission Statement

Our goal  is to create a comprehensive, holistic guide that incorporates a variety of healing modalities and philosophies.

Our goal  is to educate and empower the individual with viable alternatives and provide a reliable resource base that, in collaboration with a naturopath or other health practitioner, can be used to treat the ailment, situation, or condition at hand.