Ailments / Situations Where Used

By supporting nerve cell membranes and their various functions, phosphatidylserine may assist in maintaining or improving general brain function, including memory, learning, and concentration functions. Research has shown that this nutrient is particularly beneficial for adults of fifty years of age and older.

This nutrient's effect on cognitive function -- including short term item recall (names, dates, phone numbers, et cetera) -- adaptability, and mood sociability make PS supplementation suitable for people with Alzheimer's disease. PS may slow the rate of deterioration, but will not prevent the progression of Alzheimer's. A number of studies recommend supplementation with this nutrient as early as possible if used to treat the onset of Alzheimer's.

As with vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10, phosphatidylserine promotes energy use in the brain by supporting mitochondria activity in cells, responsible for ATP (energy) production. Your brain uses 20% of total body energy when at rest and up to 60% when engaged in challenging mental work. This helps explain why you feel hungry after studying all day or working on finalizing that key presentation!

PS has also been used to treat depression and stress by supporting proper nervous system function.