Contraindications / Precautions / Warnings

As previously mentioned, do not internally use 3% hydrogen peroxide from drug stores as it contains highly toxic chemical stabilizers.

NEVER use hydrogen peroxide at full strength on or in your body. You must dilute the compound to solutions ranging from 0.5% - 3.0%. Follow the dilution instructions on the label, or use the "3% Solution" or "Drop Method" outlined in Optimal Absorption, above.

If you spill 35% hydrogen peroxide on your skin, immediately rinse under water. Your skin will burn and turn white. Use caution and avoid spills.

Remember that you may experience a number of side effects when using H2O2 for detoxification purposes. H2O2 causes a herxheimer reaction (temporary increase in symptoms) in the presence of viruses or bacteria, affecting the eliminative organs of the body (skin, lungs, kidneys, and bowels). This may result in boils, colds (head or chest), diarrhea, ear infections, infections, nausea, skin eruptions, sleepiness, and unusual fatigue. These are natural toxin elimination processes and are usually of short duration. If symptoms become severe, see your naturopath or other health practitioner. A number of people who have taken H2O2 have cut short their cleansing process in the face of these reactions, hindering the cleansing process. Continue use only as long as you are comfortable and feel in control of the process.