Ailments / Situations Where Used

SPECIAL NOTES: Before using food grade hydrogen peroxide, be sure to read the Contraindications/ Precautions/ Warnings section below. It is also best to use this substance under the supervision of your naturopath or other health practitioner. Also, do not internally use 3% hydrogen peroxide from drug stores, as it contains highly toxic chemical stabilizers.

Hydrogen peroxide's disinfectant and antibacterial properties make it suitable for a number of topical applications. It can be used on acne, athlete's foot, cuts and scrapes, infected wounds, and psoriasis. You may also use it as a mouth wash. It may be taken internally to treat various bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Hydrogen peroxide is also effective against Candida and parasites.

POST INTERNAL USE: You may require acidophilus and bifidus supplementation after using hydrogen peroxide to restore beneficial bacteria that were destroyed during the detoxification process.

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for detoxification. Thoroughly read this entire section before you begin. You may also supplement with activated charcoal slurry (1 teaspoon activated charcoal powder mixed in 1 cup/8 oz. purified or distilled water) 6 or more times daily. This will help adsorb eliminated toxins. Begin regimen 1/2 hour after taking hydrogen peroxide. For more information, see Activated Charcoal.