Contraindications / Precautions / Warnings

When taken in high doses, activated charcoal effectively binds with vitamins, hormones, drugs, and other nutrients, resulting in their elimination. For acute situations, take activated charcoal for only a brief period of time under the supervision of your naturopath or other health practitioner. Ensure you restore lost nutrients once the acute situation has passed.

Regarding poisonings, activated charcoal will not adsorb cyanide and is not recommended for corrosive acids or alkalids. Consult with your poison control centre, naturopath, or other health practitioner to determine the most suitable course of action under these situations.

Activated charcoal effectively neutralizes fluoxetine (Prozac). It is typically administered during fluoxetine overdose but can interfere with this drug under normal use. Consult with your naturopath or other health practitioner to determine the appropriateness of this compound for your needs or explore an alternative. See the section on Depression for more information.