Symptoms and Signs:


Candidiasis (yeast infection) presents with thick, odourless, pasty discharge in women and intense itching (in either sex).


Trichomoniasis presents with heavy, yellow or green, frothy, and foul smelling discharge, "flea bitten" or "strawberry" cervix, pain in the vagina in women; males are often asymptomatic or may have a clear urethral discarge. Often self-limiting in males.


Chlamydia may present cervicitis, burning on urination, white vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese, painful intercourse, and itching in women. For men, a clear, watery urethral discharge occurs. Often, however, there are no symptoms at all.


Gonorrhea in women presents with frequent and painful urination, a cloudy vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, inflammation of the pelvic area, rectal discharge, and abnormal uterine bleeding. In men, there may be a yellowish, pus-filled urethral discharge. There may also be no symptoms at all, especially in women.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women usually presents with a pus-filled vaginal discharge with fever and lower abdominal discharge.


There are three distinct stages in the development of syphilis. Primary syphilis presents within three weeks as a sore on the genitalia (chancre). Secondary syphilis presents six weeks after primary syphilis with a rash on the hands and feet, patches of flaking tissue, fever, sore throat, sores in the mouth or anus, flat-topped growths (condyloma lata), pain in the joints, and headaches. Tertiary syphilis occurs up to ten to twenty years after the initial infection and presents with large, destructive lesions anywhere in the body, most notably the nervous system. There may also be neurosyphilis that affects the posterior portion of the spinal cord.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes usually presents with many small blister-like eruptions on the penis, cervix, or vagina. There may be itching, pain on urination, headache, and pain in the anterior thighs.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are soft, cauliflower-like growths that may be pink, elongated, or pointed, appearing either singly or in clusters in and around the vagina, anus, penis, groins, and/or genital area. The warts may be itchy. The causative organism is human papilloma virus (HPV). Genital warts are also called "condylomata acuminata" or "venereal warts".